Preach the Gospel to all nations– these were the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ echoed by Rev. Pastor Moses Jesudas, an East Indian missionary when he established the Filipino Christian Fellowship (FCF) in September 1984.

Pastor Moses envisioned the necessity of having a church that would cater exclusively to the needs of the Filipinos who at that time were attending a multi-national church. It started as a small group of Bible-believing people eager to worship our Lord and bring others to Christ.

Friday services were held at the old Team Center in the Mussalah Eid area. Mafraq Hospital, Zayed and Sheraton Bible Study groups were the first to be formed. And other BS groups took shape through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and effort of everyone.

In August 1985, Ptr. Bong Tandayu became the first Filipino pastor of the FCF. Thru his leadership, FCF members became bold in approaching other Filipinos to share the gospel. Since then the church grew in it’s membership.

In 1989, the FCF change it’s name to Filipino Christian Church (FCC). And it’s membership continue to grow in number and different ministries came into existence.

Today, many people came to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Savior thru the ministry of the FCC. The church are known for it’s inspiring worship services, intensified prayer ministry, friendly church and developing many Christians into leadership.