Pastor Benjie Masiglat

Administrative Pastor

Ptr. Benjie, as he is normally called by his church members and fellow Christian workers was born on August 24, 1960 in Caloocan City, Philippines. He is the second of five children of Benjamin Masiglat, Sr. and Dedicasion Eva, both of them have gone to be with the Lord. He finished his college education, AB Psychology, in Philippine Christian University in 1981. He pursued his seminary education at the Asian Theological Seminary and finished Master of Divinity Major in Theological Studies in 1984.

He is an ordained, full pledged minister/pastor of Unida Evangelical Christian Church in the Philippines. In the said church, he served in different ministries since 1978 :

• Student Worker – Lumil Unida Church-Lumil Silang Cavite: June1978 –May 1980
• Youth Pastor – Pasong Buaya Unida Church- Imus Cavite: June 1980 – May 1981
• Pastor – Lumil Unida Church-Lumil Silang Cavite: June1981- May 1984
• Pastor – Bacao Unida Church- Bacao General Trias Cavite: June 1984 – May 1985
• Pastor – Matang Tubig Unida Church – Tondo Manila: June 1985 –May 1989
• Pastor – Bagong Ilog Unida Church- Pasig: June 1989 –May 1993
• Pastor – Caloocan Unida Church- Caloocan City: June 1993 – May 1995
• General Secretary – Unida Church: June 1995 –May 1998
• Pastor – Caloocan Unida Church- Caloocan City: June 1998 – May 2001
• Pastor – Noveleta Unida Church – Noveleta Cavite: June 2001- May 2004

Other ministries he served in the church are the following:

• President – Samahan Ng Mga Pastor Ng Unida: Six years
• Radio Announcer – DZAS “Tinig ng Pag-asa”: 2 years
• Chairman – Unida Board of Christian Education: Seven years
• Editor in Chief – Tinig Ng Unida: Six years
• Chairman – Unida Theological Commission: Three years
• District Superintendent – Twelve years
• Board of Director – Fifteen Years

He is married to Eufemia Masiglat of Lumil Silang Cavite and is blessed with four children: Benafe Joy, EliezerJoshua, Jochebed Grace, and Josiah Benjamin.


At present, as the senior pastor of the Filipino Christian Church, his vision is to bring the good news of salvation to the Filipinos in UAE and that the FCC will be both a training ground and a launching pad of equipped Christian leaders who will migrate to different parts of the world.